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PMCNews for MARCH/APRIL 2002

In this issue:
  • MC302/MC362 Dual-Axis Modules Now Available
  • Motion Integrator Version 1.3.0
  • Motion Control API Version 3.2.0
  • PMC Sponsors Virginia Tech Autonomous Vehicle Team

MC302/MC362 Dual-Axis Modules Now Available
Our new dual-servo (MC302) and dual-stepper (MC362) motion control modules allow you to control as many as sixteen motors from a single DCX-PCI300 controller motherboard! For applications that don't require the advanced features of the MC300 and MC360 single-axis modules these new modules offer lower cost per axis and higher axis counts. Best of all, you can mix and match the dual-axis modules with the single-axis modules to achieve a balance of power and economy on individual axes as needed. Details are available in the DCX-PCI300 area of our website:

Motion Integrator Version 1.3.0
The latest release of our popular Motion Integrator suite of tools is now available for download over the Web. Check out our newly expanded Motion Integrator section of our website for all the details:

Motion Control API Version 3.2.0
The Motion Control API provides driver and programming support for all of PMC's Motion Control Cards under Microsoft Windows. This newest release includes enhanced sample programs, new utilities, and support for the MC302 and MC362 dual-axis modules. Learn more online at:

PMC Sponsors Virginia Tech Autonomous Vehicle Team
PMC is a proud sponsor of Virginia Tech's entry in this year's Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition. We want to wish the Virginia Tech Team, and all the competitors, good luck in the competition. You can read more about the competition on our website:

This link includes links to the Virginia Tech Team website and to the official Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition website.


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