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Product Selection Guide

PMC offers a range of economical board-level motion controllers in the form of PCI-bus, VME-bus and ISA-bus cards which can be plugged into open-architecture computer systems. For stand-alone or embedded operation, our ISA-bus products can also be operated outside of a computer, with communication via RS-232, IEEE-488 or discrete I/O.

Use the product selection tools below to help you choose a suitable PMC motion controller, or fill out an online Information Request form and we'll have an Application Engineer help you with your selection. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, Contact us. We routinely provide fast and affordable custom solutions to our OEM customers upon request.

PMC motion controller with modules

Selection Chart

Product Selector
A Sortable Feature Comparison Matrix
Compare PMC product features side-by-side with this comprehensive HTML-based Product Selection Chart. (Opens in a separate window.) For added convenience, this chart can be sorted in three different ways:

Interactive Product Selector

Quickly Narrow Your Choices Based On Three Simple Criteria
To help narrow your search, select the required attributes in our Java-based product selector below (requires Java enabled-browser.) A list of motion controllers will appear that match your criteria. Choose a product from the list and click the "SELECT" button to get product details.

Number of Axes

Bus / Form-Factor

Motor Types Controlled

The following motion controllers meet the above criteria:

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